TH’s northeast train services halted, track flooded

Twelve northeastern train services have been suspended after the tracks between Bamnet Narong and Chatturat stations in Chaiyaphum and Kud Chik and Khok Kruad stations in Nakhon Ratchasima were flooded.

State Railway of Thailand governor Nirut Maneephan said the suspensions were effective from Oct 18 until further notice.

The suspended round-trip trains on the northeastern line are:

-Rapid trains Nos 135/136 (Bangkok-Ubon Ratchathani-Bangkok);

-Rapid trains Nos 139/140 (Bangkok-Ubon Ratchathani-Bangkok);

-Express trains Nos 71/72 (Bangkok-Ubon Ratchathani-Bangkok);

-Rapid trains Nos 75/76 (Bangkok-Nong Khai-Bangkok);

-Special expressway trains Nos 23/24 (Bangkok-Ubon Ratchathani-Bangkok); and

-Local trains Nos 433/434 (Kaeng Khoi junction-Bua Yai junction-Kaeng Khoi junction).

Railway officials reported the line between kilometre markers 296/7 and 297/1 (Bamnet Narong and Chatturat stations) was moderately damaged, with floodwater on tracks still rising and expected to spread, SRT public relations posted on its Facebook page on Monday.

The rail track between kilometre markers 244/1 and 245/1(Kud Chik and Khok Kruad stations ) was badly damaged, the gravel base swept away by the strong current and the  floodwater still rising. 

The SRT placed the Public Works Office on full alert with orders to monitor the flooding around the clock.

Passengers who have booked in advance can contact any railway station for a refund, or contact SRT’s customer services centre via Hotline 1690,  the SRT said. 

On Monday, Veerachai Sarnram, the stationmaster at Kud Chik in Sung Noen district of Nakhon Ratchasima, said about 800 metres of the track between Kud Chik  and Khok Kruad station in Muang district was cut by strongly flowing floodwater around 7.20am on Monday.  

Trains could not pass this section and he had advised the SRT to suspend services on the northeastern line, he said.

Six air-conditioned buses were provided for passengers travelling from Ubon Ratchathani and Nong Khai to continue to Bangkok on Monday after the trains were stopped at Kud Chik station, he said.

Source: Bangkok Post