Buhay OFW

Tips for Filipino teachers on the first day of school

Whether you had a blast by going back to the Philippines or staying in the kingdom and had a share of summer heat, your school break surely ended so fast. For OFW teachers in Thailand the first day of school is always welcomed with a sigh and a smile combined.

Academic Year (AY) 2017 officially opens on Monday, May 15, 2017. Primary and secondary students all over Thailand will be back to school after two months of vacation.

Here are some important reminders on the first day of school for many Filipinos who work as teachers in Thailand.

  1. Go to work early to avoid the notorious traffic gridlock in Bangkok. Traffic jam is expected with the surge of students and parents coming to school.
  2. A day before work, prepare your lessons and the teaching materials you will bring to school.
  3. For those new at school, make sure you remember your bus number or the train station closest to your school. Taking a taxi is not a wise decision during rush hours.
  4. Respect Thai culture. Do not impose your own beliefs and culture because you’re a foreign teacher.
  5. Dress well and wear a smile for everyone. A pleasing personality is very important to your profession, your colleagues especially Thai and your students.
  6. Lastly, be friendly, avoid gossip and keep calm and improve your craft.

Here is to wishing you a wonderful start as you teach in the Land of Smiles.

Photo: Nats Lantacon