Ransomware “Wannacry” hits Bangkok

“Wannacry” ransomware that first hit Europe with at least 200,000 victims from 150 countries, is now affecting Thailand. The said “Wannacry” ransomware attacks users by locking down their computer files, or simply encrypting them, through clicking a link. Once the computer has been encrypted, a message will then pop up the screen telling the instructions on how to desynthesize your computer from the hack. European Police Director Rob Wainwright said that many of these victims are from businesses including large corporations.

Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-o cha has already instructed the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society to closely monitor and safeguard its citizens of the situation. Pictures already revealed two giant LED advertisers were affected of the said virus. One photo shared by Twitter user ALiCE6TY9 over the weekend showed of one infected computer located on Wireless Road. There were also some reports of one digital advertising board affected in Viphawadee area.

It has not yet been revealed who is behind the attack. Most of its victims are running Windows XP which has not yet been updated. Microsoft has criticized organizations and governments for stockpiling security vulnerabilities and failure to update its softwares.

Source: ThaiVisa