Two international schools in Bangkok prosecuted over illegal activities

Secretary of the Office of the National Primary Education Commission Attaphol Treuktrong said that they were taking action to prosecute two international schools in the Bangkok area after it was found they broke the law.

The first, in Ratchapruek Road, Thonburi, was found to be employing six teachers without work permits. 

They were caught red handed in the classroom by Region 6 officers of the Bangkok labour department. 

Building regulations were also being allegedly flouted at this school.

At the other school – established in September 1999 in Suan Luang – it was found that they only had permission to have a kindergarten for the first three years of schooling.

Yet they were teaching primary and secondary levels without permission. 

This school has been ordered to stop accepting new admissions as of August 24 this year. 

Channel 7 reported this was part of wider investigations into the activities of international schools since onsite learning was stopped due to the pandemic. 

They expected more prosecutions to follow as schools struggle during the pandemic.

Attaphol said that parents should go onto his organisation’s website if they have concerns. 

Source: aseannow