pinoythaiyo uncut by natapanu
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“Uncut with Natapanu” premieres on PinoyThaiyo on October 19

With the hope of providing accurate, detailed and timely insights to the expats community on news and issues reported in mainstream media, Mr Natapanu Nopakun will launch a video series called “Uncut with Natapanu” on PinoyThaiyo starting Monday.

Uncut means straightforward, unpolished and deeper explanations and clarifications on issues of interest to the foreign community in Thailand and those who are interested in coming to Thailand, said Natapanu. 

The first topic is about Special Tourist Visa (STV) and what expats can expect when they arrive in Thailand and vice versa.

The series dubbed as “Uncut with Natapanu” will be posted on PinoyThaiyo Facebook and PinoyThaiyo TV, PT’s YouTube channel.

Natapanu is the Deputy Director-General of the Information Department and Deputy Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Thailand. 

Tune in on Monday, October 19 for Uncut with Natapanu.