Bees attack

Watch: When Bees Attack Inside The Elevator

Anyone who already had a painful encounter with these busy little creatures? I am neither talking about the ever bubbly Jollibee nor the “jolly sting” it brings to Filipinos! I am pertaining to the real ones. Those black-eyed, pea-sized insects that make pollination possible. Yes, bees, oh bees!

We all know it! We’ve all grown up watching cartoons and sitcoms portraying the crazy reactions of anyone when there’s a bee flying around him and he gets even crazier when a beehive is disturbed and swarm of bees advance to attack him. Will you run for your life, too?

We’ll, it can happen! And you cannot take it as a joke all the time. Do you know that there is a percentage in the world population that is allergic to bee stings and that they can even pose great danger such as death to these sting-allergic people? But we all want to have some fun, so let the buzzing giggles begin. Watch this prank caught on cam circling the Internet these days.

How would you react if you were the person in that elevator? Zzzzzhare uzzz your thoughtzzzzzzzzz! 🙂