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Thai Allergic to Farangs: Krunoom Asean Sings for Thai People

Are Thai people really “allergic to farangs” or foreigners? Language barrier can  be a factor why Thai people may have ‘farang allergy syndrome’. They tend to avoid these ‘white skinned’ people who give them so much confusion.

While scouring for some information related to teaching in Thailand, one article from Bangkok Post caught my attention.  It features a music video made by a Thai teacher, Krunoom Asean, entitled “Allergic to Farangs”. The song is sung both in Thai and a little bit of English. It has subtitle translated into English as below:

I can speak English a little bit
I can communicate with farangs and I understand them.
But I don’t understand the “verb-to-be”
They are not interested in this English grammar

TO lose is to be a monk and to win is to be a teacher
The children are scared of the “verb to be”
But it is not that difficult, brothers.
Carefully listen to the teacher and you will understand

Farangs want to come to Thailand
Use he, she and it with is
Use you, we and they with are
Use I with am

Use he, she and it with is
Use you, we and they with are
Use I with am

I am a nurse means I am a nurse
She is in a farm means she is in a farm
You are running means you are running
These three sentences are examples you should understand
After 2015, Farang Allergy will disappear

You may watch the video below:

Allergic to Farang? Or just because of the language difficulties? What do you think?

Video Courtesy by Krunoom Asean.