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DeeMoney launches DeeNEXT; a guaranteed next working day account credit service to the Philippines and many more countries!

DeeMoney’s mission has always been to solve the small financial problems that the big financial players completely neglect or disregard. Our team believes in maximising potential within existing opportunities.  Since 2018, DeeMoney has been innovating the way our users move money in and out of Thailand by providing fast, convenient and inclusive methods for cross border payments and remittances.

DeeMoney first disrupted the financial services market by delivering Thailand’s first international money transfer app.  Our app provides DeeMoney members with a never-before possible method of convenience for sending money from Thailand to the rest of the world. Not only that, but DeeMoney also introduced an industry-first flat transfer fee too.  Thereby, totally cutting through the existing complicated tiered-fee structure previously available in the market. Finally, we also revolutionized the application process with a one-time, one-document registration—eliminating all the hassle of bureaucratic paperwork requirements typically synonymous with financial services.    

At the core of our commitment to innovation is the belief that all benefits—whether in the form of greater savings, increased convenience or other advantages—must be passed on to our customers.  We appreciate that many of our supporters may have experienced inconsistent delivery times in the past. In our mission to ensure that all our customers experience the highest level of service with us going forth, there has been a lot of action behind the scenes here at DeeMoney.


For the last 18 months, the team at DeeMoney has been consumed in our efforts to elevate the DeeMoney experience by building a robust direct network with more than 24 banks and non-banks globally, in addition to upgrades on our tech platform. All of this required heavy due-diligence, regulatory approvals on both sides, and tech coordination and implementation—a lot of work, for a lot of new benefits! Transactions are faster, customer support is immediate, and we have greatly improved the trackability of every transaction.

The culmination of all this hard work has resulted in our latest service. DeeMoney is now proud to announce the launch of DeeNEXT; a new transfer service with a guaranteed next working day delivery time. We want to make sure people’s bills, investments, and the well-being of their families are taken care of quickly and efficiently. DeeNEXT assures a delivery time of next working day bank account credit—with the exceptions of weekends and public holidays. 

The service will launch for 28 countries across the world, which includes: Australia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States. As well, for the first time ever, we are now also supporting international money transferring to European Union countries including Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Finland, Ireland, Greece, Belgium, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Cyprus, San Marino, and Monaco. The DeeNEXT service is priced at a flat fee of 250 baht with a 50% discount from January 23rd 2020 to April 31st  2020—making the effective price a reduced 125 THB for every transfer during the three-month promotional period. The DeeNEXT service to all the above countries are available immediately on the DeeMoney App on both iOS and Android.

For the Philippines, the DeeNEXT service guarantees a delivery of next working day to all banks in Philippines with a minimum transfer amount of 1000 baht to a maximum of 800,000 baht per day.  To view our even more aggressive exchange rates for THB to PHP, follow us on FB: DeeMoney TH or check out our website

Experience DeeNEXT today, and enjoy a free transfer on us! Free Promo Code: DMNEXTLearn more about DeeNEXT at