Youtube to hire 10,000 employees until 2018

“Problematic content” are now being sifted more as video streaming giant Youtube hires more than 10,000 new employees. By 2018, Google, Youtube’s parent company, aims to hire more than 10,000 employees to screen “content that might violate our policies,” says Susan Wojcicki, CEO of Youtube.

“Some bad actors are exploiting our openness to mislead, manipulate, harass or even harm,” said in a blog post stating that Youtube’s trust and safety teams have reviewed more than 2 millions videos of violent extremist content just in the past 6 months.

Youtube has been in hot water after a series of controversies this year. The platform has “forcefully” adapted additional screening measure that month on its kid-friendly version after reports said that there were videos containing profanity and violence.

Wojcicki said that the company is taking a “new approach to advertising” as companies such as Etihad Airways, Marriott and Deliveroo, also including UK’s Labour Party, pulled their ads in June as their videos were appearing alongside content made by a hate preacher.

In closing, “We want advertisers to have peace of mind that their ads are running alongside content that reflects their brand’s values,” she continued.

Source: CNN Philippines