Manna Today

10-30 minutes a day to make it right

“By beholding we become changed” is a biblical principle that we can use to make this year a promising one.

Do you aspire for something new or special this year? Do you look forward to a better job, new beginnings, good health, and better life?

If we want to make it right, and we can do so by starting it right. We don’t need to aim big. We just need to make our goals realistic and find ways to accomplish it.

But however good our plan is life gives us many surprises. Patience and a peace that passes understanding are our sword and shield to this challenging life.

These two are not part of us. We need to get it from somewhere, or more specifically from Someone– Jesus.

Because of our sinful nature, our hearts and minds need to be disciplined. And we can do so by beholding Him every moment of our lives.

Beholding Him means three things:

  1. Talk to Him before anything else upon waking up. Thank Him for the new life. Pray for patience, peace and wisdom to face everything that may come along the day. That’s about five minutes on average of your time in the morning.
  2. After praying open your Bible and read. Mostly His answers to our prayers are in His word. Let that communication with Him be a two-way traffic. Let God speak through His words in the Bible. Perhaps one verse or two are enough. For some a whole chapter is more meaningful. That can take about 10-30 minutes.
  3. Keep on talking to Him as you do your activities for the day. You don’t need to open your mouth, kneel or stand to pray. In your mind you can continue conversing with Him. It is a journey with a Friend. It is a relationship.

If we connect with God right at the moment we wake up, all right choices for the day will be given for us to decide. And if we failed, chose the wrong decisions, or met tragedies His peace that passes understanding will put our sanity back.

“…And He is changing us so that we become more and more like Him. We become brighter and brighter as the Lord’s Spirit changes us.” 2 Corinthians 3:18

If we constantly see movies, listen to music, read literature that are full of anger, hatred and cursing, our language, mood, and character will change to that as well. Sooner we also cuss. Sooner we hate someone. Sooner we become so defensive and quick-tempered. Our physical health is affected.

Remember that by constantly beholding someone or something, it will change us.

There’s no danger in beholding Christ. Take the three steps mentioned above and it will change your life for better.