5 killed in deadly visa run crash

A total of five people died in a collision of a van and pickup truck at the border province of Sa Kaeo, Tuesday morning.

Three Thais and 2 foreigners were found dead on the spot according to police investigation. Investigations state that the van was carrying the workers to the nearest immigration post at the Thai-Cambodian border for extension of visas when the fatal accident happened. Among the casualties was the driver of the van, Deputy Chief Officer Korathawat Kanatat said.

The reason behind the collision is still unknown. “The van approached a bend, and it was coming in fast. For some reason that we don’t know, it crashed into the center divider and went on across the lane to slam into a pickup truck.”

Identity of the two foreigners on board are Vietnamese and Laotian, both van passengers. As of posting, lieutenant colonel would not give confirmation if they were using tourist visas while working in the kingdom.

Source: Khaosod