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6 Filipinos trapped inside Terminal 21 Korat now safe

After almost six hours of hiding, the six Filipinos who were trapped inside Terminal 21 Korat are now safe. They were able to go out at around midnight.

Police and soldiers rescued hundreds of people from a shopping mall late Saturday night as they continued to hunt for a gunman who had holed up inside after killing at least 20 people, Bangkok Post reported.

The Philippine Embassy in Bangkok directly communicated with the authorities on ground. No Filipino fatality in the said incident.

“Sobrang intense po sa loob ng mall. Nasa taas lng po kami nagtatago kung saan sya nag hostage”, said one of the Filipinos who hid inside H&M store on the fourth floor where the assailant held hostages.

The carnage began around 3.30pm when the assailant stole some weapons and shot dead his commander and two others at the Surathampithak army camp before fleeing in a stolen Humvee. He fired at civilians along the route to the Terminal 21 shopping mall in Muang district. Many more people were slain inside the mall, where the gunman live-streamed the mayhem on Facebook Live before his site was shut down, the report added.

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Photo: CCTO via Monalisa Falsis Sangvoranit