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WATCH: Professor’s kids make TV debut on BBC News

A BBC News interview went viral over the weekend due to a surprising entrance of “cutie” distraction.

It started well for Professor Robert E. Kelly, Political Science teacher of Pusan National University, when unexpected guests went in his room during a live interview with BBC. The said professor was in the middle of his interview with regards to the South Korean president being forced out of office when the door of his office swung open by a little girl in yellow jumpers. The BBC anchor warned the interviewee that he was no longer alone yet Professor Kelly still continued the interview while gently shoving the young girl away from him.

Worst was yet to come as a second “intruder” made its way on the scene, a baby in a walker. Yet still, the professor continued the interview with words of apologies every time the children make their “naughty” distractions.

A woman came in and abruptly took the children away and dragged them out of the room.

Missing out on this viral hit? Here, take a look:

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