New van rules effective since April 11

Carrying more than 13 passengers at public utility vans is now a driving offense as the new rule went into effect April 11, yet still, many van drivers and operators are slapped with a fine and had their licensed suspended.

A new law regarding public transport safety is in effect; that public vans can only accommodate 13 passengers at a time but still, there are vans taking 17 passengers. One driver, Prajit Suwannasaeng, had to pay a fine of 5,000THB and had his license suspended for 15 days for violating the said law.

Operator Maha Phram Co. was slapped with a 20,000THB fine and had their name listed. If they failed to follow the new rule again, they could be charged with additional fines, according to a report by the Bangkok Post.

This comes as one of a few new traffic regulations. Earlier this week, private owners of pickup trucks were flagged down by highway police for using the flatbed of the vehicle for transporting passengers. This outraged the online community calling the said law as “anti-poor”. This was then retracted by authorities saying they need further time to study and strengthen the proposal. Also this week, public van drivers and passengers were also urged to wear seatbelts when travelling. Corresponding fines and penalties will be given to violators.

Source: Coconut Bangkok, Photo: Thai PBS