800 Thai students to perform dance for Pope Francis after mass

Eight hundred students from seven all-female Catholic schools in Bangkok will be performing a mass dance after Pope Francis finished blessing the crowd at an open-air mass at the National Stadium on November 21.

Pope Francis is set to visit Thailand on November 20 to 23. 

The students were  rehearsing their performance on Wednesday at Assumption Commercial College. The dance aims to represent Thailand’s four regions and its Buddhist-based mythology. An organizer believes the Pope wouldn’t mind the sight of the 10-meter-long serpent made of cloth and foam, said Khaosod English.

As much as one million baht was spent to tailor dresses for the 800 dancers, with 92 teachers overseeing the performance, the report added.

Out of Thailand’s 69-million population, Catholics number is about 388,000, according to the Church’s official count.

Pope Francis to visit Thailand on November 20-23

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