FB stands firm on its rules on taking down URLs

Looks like social media giant Facebook is not blocking the 131 items submitted by the interim government it deemed “derogatory” said Tuesday.

More than half of the Thai population are on Facebook but it seems like it will not be shutting down these undisclosed 131 URLs. In a report by Khaosod English, Facebook is not shutting these urls down due to the lack of court warrants in the documents. They explained that once  documents are completed, Facebook will process these requests, said the president of the Thai Internet Service Provider, Ms. Morakot Kulthamyothin.

As of Tuesday morning, the Ministry of Digital and Social Economy has applied for 34 of the 131 offensive URLs, Morakot explain other documents will follow soon. She said that Facebook is cooperating properly with Thai agencies who are investigating the said URLs. “Facebook also respects Thai laws. Every country has its own laws.”

Thursday last week, telecommunications regulators threatened to block or even shut down Facebook in the kingdom if the said contents were not blocked. Lese Majeste or insulting the monarchy is believed to be a criminal offense and is punishable by up to 15 years imprisonment. Since the interim government took over, there was a spike of people who have been prosecuted or jailed for making negative remarks on social media, specially on Facebook.

Source: Khaosod English