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A Woman, whole.

Opening your eyes is the first action indicating that you are untying the ribbon of the present. Spend time to delay that alarm some more minutes. It is not being lazy to get some rest if you feel a little tired.   Many motivational speakers would tell us to get up a little bit early and grind for your goal that day, ask yourself, why are you alive today? Body shaming is not how you should greet yourself in the morning.  Instead, start by being thankful, say your positive affirmations and state questions that will allow you to discover the answers at the end of the day.

You should spend time getting to know yourself. Don’t be afraid to be honest on how you would like to be treated as a woman, as a spouse, as a friend, as an employee and as a citizen. When you discover the words behind the inner voices then you could unlock the potential on how you would be able to communicate your values to others.

Heal your wounds. You have the power to do so.  Why place your vulnerability in the hands of others? Do not wait for another person to put your pieces together otherwise you would allow yourself to be carried one by one until your whole being is gone. You have delicate fingers that could create wonders. Your hands are gentle use them to comfort your own woes and struggles.

This is not a call to abandon your connection with your relationships. This is an appeal that you should realize your self-worth. When you deny yourself of this knowledge, then you start the day wandering how to start. Give yourself the tall glass. Drink the water and let it flow to your soul. You have the power to transform your struggles into colorful weaves of opulence, you are whole.

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unsplash-logoT. Chick McClure