pinoy-thaiyo across borders
Buhay OFW

Across Borders And Waters

I was born bounded by the chains of culture, tradition, seclusion, and dominion. From the blood of my ancestry I was nurtured to become bold, and look for  gold somewhere. I was programmed to be different, proud, and persevering. The warmth in my veins is directed to everything but to love, in its real capacity.

But is this life? Am I really living? What I feel is just plain breathing! To work, to persevere, to waste my loins, in useless struggle, at the cost of my soul.

Yes, a bounded being I am. Because of the injustice inherent in man. Everything in me has its limits! Just because I am a foreign man. To think within the recesses of my brain, though I want to shout! To love, only within the corners of my heart, though I want to express! Just because, my resources are limited.

They stop me! Yes, they stop me. Just because…  Just because of these eyes, this nose, this color? Why can’t we be equal, tell me! Do I always have to be at your mercy, just because I am me? And you are you?

Give me a place to stand! For I am as brilliant as other guys. I have nothing to prove! Because beyond these borders, waters, and color, I am your brother.