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APO Siam Alumni Association & Padyakeros Thailand distribute goods to over 60 residents in Nakhon Ratchasima

On May 15, 2022, Alpha Phi Omega (APO) Siam Alumni Association and Padyakero Thailand distributed goods to over 60 Korat low-income residents. Wendell Bautista organized the event from Bangkok and communicated with Nerman Bonanza living in Korat in order for the project to work. They held a fundraiser by selling raffle tickets worth 500 baht per ticket. From the profits earned from the raffle draw, they were able to buy goods to distribute to these residents. Many of the residents showed their gratitude through their smiles and showing many thanks. There was a grandma who could not stop saying thank you because not only did she have goods to bring home, but she also found a nice dress that she liked in the box of donated clothes.

APO is a fraternity with alumni from different parts of the globe. There are several alumni members residing in different parts of Thailand making the APO Siam Alumni Association. The group has been organizing these types of fundraisers in Thailand for the past several years but this is their first time doing this project for their group in Korat. Their hand sign distinguishing their group is holding up the three middle fingers as shown in several pictures. It does not have anything to do with any political association.

NOTE: The hand gestures have no political association

Some of the members helping are part of a group from Padyakeros Thailand. This group is one of several Filipino cycling groups based in Thailand. Most of the members are easygoing mountain bikers and enjoy doing several outdoor sports such as rock climbing, hiking, and trail running. At the end of some of their activities, they would enjoy sharing a good laugh about their experience over a delicious meal.

NOTE: The hand gestures have no political association

APO has future project plans collaborating with more groups. Some of the projects that they did involve a blood drive, food distribution, and much more. There will probably be another fundraising raffle draw so watch out for future organized events. Who knows, you may be the next raffle winner. If you wish to collaborate with them on a future project, then you can contact Wendell Bautista.