Chonburi Governor issues emergency order in Banglamung and Pattaya areas

The Chonburi Governor released an emergency order this morning effective immediately for the Banglamung/Pattaya area to help control the Covid-19 coronavirus situation.

(The order specifically says Banglamung/Pattaya, and not all of Chonburi. More information is coming in on this, the majority of recent cases have been linked to Banglamung. It is UNCLEAR if it will affect all of Chonburi, but is very clear that it affects all of Banglamung and Pattaya City.)

This is due to an increasing cluster of infections stemming from an original cluster in Samut Sakhon at a seafood market that then spread through an illegal gambling establishment in Rayong, where some of the gamblers also went to Chonburi.

The brief and important details are as follows:

Service venues closed, including bars, nightclubs, karaokes, massage parlors, etc.

Restaurants take away only. No dine in service.

Malls, retail, etc closed except for supermarkets, drug stores, banks, hardware and construction stores, mobile phone shops and electronics. All non essential closed, like clothes, etc. Supermarkets may sell only essential items (food).

All educational places closed, nurseries, child care centers, schools, learning centers, vocational schools, private tutors, etc.

Leisure locations, like bowling, movie theaters, water parks, tourist attractions, etc. closed

24 hour convenience stores must be closed from 10:00 PM to 5:00 AM. There is NOT a total curfew in regards of one not being able to leave their home, however people are asked to stay in.

Restaurants in hotels can stay open, however can only serve hotel guests.

Public swimming pools closed (As for condos, it will depend on if your condo juristic division considers the pool public.)

Amulet stores, religious artifact stores, temple stores closed.

Pool, snooker, etc. closed

Gyms, fitness closed and similar establishments

Internet and game cafes closed

Close massage shop, spas, beauty clinics. (It did not specifically say hair salon/barber shop, waiting for more information on this)

Public parks, exercise areas, playgrounds and any place where people gather closed. (The order did not specifically mention golf courses or fishing parks. However, it does say all other sport or places where people gather and is likely included.)

No parties or gatherings at all, even at private residences. They did not specifically say what number of people is considered a gathering.

Beaches were not specifically covered in the order. However, as the previous section on parks said any place where people may gather is closed it is likely they will be affected. We are waiting for confirmation on this.

The order is until further notice with no expiration date. There is not an alcohol sales ban. There is not a curfew or stay indoors order, although people are encouraged to stay at home.

The mask mandate from the previous emergency decree is still in effect and one “could” be charged if found outside without wearing a mask, The Pattaya News notes.

Governor Phakarathorn Tienchai approved the order. He is also asking residents to stay put, although there is not a strict order/checkpoints, domestic travel restrictions.

This is a developing story, we may add more to this document as information comes in.

This article is taken from The Pattaya News