Congratulations to Filipino Riders for finishing the Shimano MTB Experience

Sunday, June 26, 2022, several Filipino riders competed in a mountain bike race called Shimano MTB Experience at Khao Jeen Lae. Riders had a choice of choosing from a beginner, intermediate or advanced route. The Full Experience Route A consisted of a 50km cross country (double track/single track) race with a difficulty level of 7/10. The Fun Experience Route B is a 30km cross country (double track/single track) race with a difficulty level of 5/10. Both routes beginners/advanced levels can join with very good endurance and fitness.

The author thinks mountain biking is more challenging than road biking because it requires more effort from the rider. The rider also needs to carry a bike that is usually heavier than a road bike. If you have to push the bike up, it takes up some of your strength. Aside from the weight factor, the riding techniques are different from road biking. One of the techniques you face is handling the seat post position.

With the permission of one of the riders, below are some pictures taken after the race. These guys are part of a group called HikeBikeClimb. They are active mountain bikers and outdoor enthusiasts. Another Filipino group from Active Padyak TH joined as well. This group rides on their road bikes. It is good to see they are trying out another form of cycling. A ride is always a good ride.

Congratulations on your finish!