“Eradicate street foods” – BMA

Bangkok, aside from being known as SEA’s shopping capital, is also known for its rugged street food scene but it looks like things are changing drastically as the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration is out there, to crack down street hawkers in the Thong Lor, Ekkamai and Phra Khanong districts.

Coconuts Thailand reported earlier that both city officials and street vendors had met to discuss the issue but failed to meet on a compromise, thus the crackdown starts in April 17. Among the three districts, Thong Lor is up first on the chopping block.

Bangkok District Chief Boontham Huiprasert believes that “people who sell stuff on the sidewalks, they don’t pay rent. There are so many out there now, so we have to organize society.”

He continues: “Just don’t sell on the sidewalks.”

However, sidewalk vendors found an ally. Gaggan Anand, head chef of Asia’s best restaurant for 3 years, says: “Our street food rocks. Can you beat Khao Man Gai Pratunam or a beer on a soi with mosquito bites? That’s [the] experience you cannot change. This is Bangkok and it should not change.”

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