Coldplay concert in Bangkok 2

Thaiticketmajor, BEC-Tero under hot water for overbooking Coldplay concert

If you were one of thousands who flocked Coldplay’s concert at the Rajamangala Stadium last April 7, there’s an ongoing petition of questioning Thaiticketmajor and BEC-Tero Entertainment for allegedly selling fake seats and zones of the said concert.

Visansaya Loisawai, the petitioner, asked a series of concern during the said concert including “fake seats” as people found zones stated on their ticket that did not exist. When people complained to staff members, they simply stated that the organizers changed the stadium floorplan without informing the concert goers.

Another one listed on the complaint is about seats being double booked. There were concert goers who had the same rows and seats making the other guests to simply “sit anywhere”, while others who had double seats were forced to stand behind each row and even near toilets.

When customers flooded Thaiticketmajor’s customer service hotline, they were told that money back refund was only available on the day of the concert, adding more insult to the injury.

The online petition already has more than 600 signatures as of posting.