Incentive offered to concerned citizens for reporting motorcycles on sidewalks

An incentive program allows concerned citizen gets paid half of the fine of motorbikes parking or riding on sidewalks according to Bangkok City Hall, Sunday, April 16.

Concerned citizens will get paid half of the fine, in this case from 5,000 THB onwards then divided by two, in a strong willed decision to curb motorcyclist, private or motorcy taxi, who ignores pedestrian safety. In order to receive this incentive, the concerned citizen must take a clear photo or video showing the license plate of the motorcycle, which must be sent to accompanying agencies like the municipal enforcement office or through the City Hall’s 1555 hotline. If it is a motorcy taxi, it must clearly show the vest which has his/her pertinent information and assigned alley station.

However, authorities said that this does not always mean concerned citizens get the 2,500THB payout. Nattanan Kanlayasiri of the City Hall explains that it still depends on the municipal enforcement officer or the tessakit’s discretion. “For example, if it is the first time of the wrongdoer, the fine might be just 1,000THB and then 2,000THB for the second time and 5,000THB for the third time”, he continued.

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