Female Thai suspect for Erawan bombing released at bail

Wanna Suasan, 29, one of the suspects in the 2015 Erawan Shrine bombing, has just been granted 1 million baht bail by the Bangkok Military Court, under the condition she stays inside the country. This decision was released Wednesday, December 13.

Suasan’s lawyer placed the bond money as guarantee, where the trial court agreed on to the condition she won’t flee the country. She has to report  regularly to authorities.

Authorities arrested Suasan at the Suvarnabhumi airport on November 22, as she flew back from abroad with her 2 sons. Police then turned her over to the military court, who issued the warrant of arrest in September 2015. She was then detained at the Central Women Correctional Institution in Bangkok. Reports say that her return was voluntary.

Wanna Suasan is the first Thai suspect identified in the Erawan shrine bombing, where she allegedly acted as a facilitator; renting rooms for other suspects who were friends with her Turkish husband, Emrah Davutoglu.

Davutoglu, Suasan’s husband, was also accused of handling the bomb-making materials. The husband and wife tandem then left for Turkey with their son, via Phuket, before the repatriation to China of 109 Uighurs, which was believed to be the cause of the August 2015 bombing.

Court trial is still ongoing, however process is slow due to the lack of credible interpreters. The suspects remain in custody.

Aside from Suasan and Davutoglu, Adem Karadag, 26, aka Bilal Turk, was arrested in a rented room in Nongchok district, just a few weeks after being accused of placing the bomb. Yusufu Mierali, 27, was also later detained in Sa Kaeo province for being suspected of acquiring the bomb components and assembling the bomb parts with Davutoglu.

Police, however, ruled out the angle of the deportation of the 109 Uighurs, instead, founded cause that it was the work of the members of a Uighur people trafficking network upset with the Thai authorities’ crackdown on their business.

Suasan was charged for participation in premeditated murder, attempted murder and fatal bombing. 14 other suspects are still at large.

Source: Bangkok Post