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Filipino teacher gets bruises in a motorcycle accident

A Filipino teacher got some bruises after a passenger motorcycle he was riding got hit by a pickup car on Sunday, July 10, 2016 in Angthong Province.

Mr James Ian Mark Pelle, 24, took a passenger motorcycle on his way home when a speedy pickup car overtook them and hit the two-wheel’s left handlebar. The motorcycle then had swerved on the road before it crashed. Pelle and the motorcycle driver rolled over the road where they got bruises all over their bodies.

“Hindi naman xa (motor) gaanong mabilis kaso yong pickup nag overtake sa pa kaliwa mabilis ang takbo niya at nahagip niya ang part ng manibela ng motor kaya ayon sumayaw ang motor at na slide,” said Pelle.

The pickup driver just went on and didn’t even stop and check the victims which were taken to the nearby hospital.

“At hindi kami hinintuan ng pickup derederetso lang sya,” Pelle added.

The police were not able to apprehend the suspect but promised to pay Pelle’s medical expenses using the police department insurance.