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Filipinos can now enter Taiwan visa-free up to 14 days

Starting September 29, Thursday, Filipinos can now enter Taiwan visa-free for up to 14 days. This is a resumption of the visa-free entry that Taiwan is extending to many countries before Covid-19 pandemic hit.

The visa-free entry is renewed annually and this year’s scheme will end on July 31, 2023 which is expected to be renewed again unless compelling reasons arise.

Taiwan’s Bureau of Consular Affairs made the announcement in a bulletin dated September 22 which also includes other countries such as Chile, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Brunei.

“Nationals of Philippines (effective till July 31, 2023), except those holding diplomatic or official/service passports, are eligible for the visa exemption program, with a duration of stay of up to 14 days,” it said.

On November 2017 to July 2018, Filipinos were first included in Taiwan’s visa-free entry scheme for a nine-month trial period allowing them to stay for 14 days.