Health Ministry: Stress, Anxiety, Insomia part of Post-Songkran Depression

The Ministry of Public Health warned the public of “post holiday blues” which include stress, anxiety and insomnia caused by a sudden return to normal life after a long holiday such as the Songkran break.

“If you suffer from post-holiday blues, you may feel exhausted despite a prolonged rest. You may also suffer from stress, anxiety, a loss of appetite, insomnia and not want to go back to study or work.

At first, people may not perform work with full efficiency, especially if they went on a long vacation.” said Kiatphoom Wongrajit , Director of the Mental Health Department of the Ministry of Public Health.

The Director shared the following plan in combating post holiday depression:

1. What’s next? what’s your next plan? writing your goals would help you grasp reality faster.

2. Reflect on the things that you may need to change. Review your new year’s resolution, does it need some adjustments?

3. Talk to people around you -communicating or socializing with colleagues for example may help you get back on track.

4. Never compare yourself with others, each one is unique in their own way.

5. Look for new opportunities, maybe a further study, or planning for the next holiday excursion, find new excitements in life, something to look forward to.