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Help an ailing OFW mother travel back to Philippines on Christmas

An OFW whose mother is critically ill is pleading for financial help so she could take her back to Basilan, Philippines.

Sarah Zuñiga Sebilo has been in Thailand for four years and has been taking care of her grandchildren. However, doctors had discovered that her brain was swollen and they found two masses on it. 

The family wanted to fly their mother on Christmas, December 25 before things get worse. They have been in the hospital several times and the family is already financially drained. 

A Seventh-day Adventist Church pastor who visited her last Saturday said that she could not easily recognize people anymore. She also couldn’t walk by herself, and was unable to take care of herself anymore.

Below is the daughter’s plea on Facebook.

You may send any amount to the bank account below.

Lavonne Sebilo

If you are in the Philippines and willing to help, you may contact:

Lanette Sebilo Sarsaba
Talon-Talon Loop,
Zamboanga City 7000
Mobile number: 093-582-72703