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Immigration moves to impose heavier sanctions for failure to report foreigners staying in Thailand

In a report by Thailand News Agency on Monday, Thai Immigration is proposing to impose heavier penalties for failure to notify Immigration Office of foreigners staying in Thailand.

The 1979 immigration rules are considered to be lenient when in comes to notifying addresses of foreigners staying in Thailand.

There will be (11) eleven proposed changes to the immigration rules which are expected to be implemented after the Songkran break on April 22. Among the changes include an increase to monetary penalties. The new sanctions are levied at atleast 10,000 baht.

Heavier penalties will be implemented to hotels and establishments that harbor migrants for financial gains. Penalties are set to 100,000 baht for failure to report and a jail term of at least 5 years.

Airlines will also be penalized for accepting individuals on board without onward or return tickets. This means that one-way tickets will effectively be banned.

Additional information will be released soon by the Committee working on the said rules.


Source: https://www.tnamcot.com/view/Ch_Yw8h