Khao Yai National Park to reopen on July 1

The Khao Yai National Park, which has been set to reopen to tourists from July 1, has shown much improvement in terms of richness in natural resources after a period of closure to contain the Covid-19 pandemic, park director Maj Narin Pinsakul said on Tuesday.

Maj Narin said the Khao Yai National Park is now ready to welcome tourists.

Starting June 25, the Natural Resources and Environment Ministry will launch a trial for tourists to make reservations for a tour of the park via application QueQ.

On arriving at the park, tourists will be required to scan the Thai Chana QR code, have their temperature taken and wear face masks. They will not be allowed into the park without the masks on, he said.

When approaching the park, tourists will have to lower the speed of their vehicles to below 60 kilometres per hour since wild animals have become used to roaming on the road without vehicles for a considerable time.

The numbers of visitors at tourist spots and camping grounds will be limited to only one-third of the old capacities. The camping grounds at Lam Takhong will accept only 800 tourists and the other at Pha Kluay Mai only 700 at a time.

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