Kris Aquino Gets Yelling

Kris Aquino Gets Yelling at Suvarnabhumi Airport

TV-host actress Kris Aquino shared what she described as a “stressful” incident after she got yelled by two men at Suvarnabhumi Airport on Wednesday night, May 13.

The youngest sister of President Benigno Aquino, Jr. revealed in her Instagram account that two irate men shouted at her while she and her two sons were waiting in the line at the airport on their way back to Manila.

“Get out of my f**king way because I want to get out of this f**king country,” Aquino wrote in an Instagram post pertaining to what the men had supposedly told her.

Aquino said they were not blocking anyone and were properly in line. However, she decided not to answer back because her “haters” could easily make the incident appear that it was her fault.

“I chose to keep my dignity and didn’t reply,” she said.

Aquino also said that the two men were even seated near them inside the plane which made it more stressful.

“It was so stressful that when my sons and I got to the plane, they were seated near us,” in mix English and Filipino.

Despite this, Aquino said she still obliged to requests for photos before boarding and during the flight with the crew members.

Aquino and her two sons, Josh and Bibmy, are now back in the Philippines.

Kris Aquino had the TV casting here in Thailand with some Filipina teachers.

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