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Filipino Shadow Play Dance Group ‘El Gamma Penumbra’ Bags First ‘Asia’s Got Talent’

Filipino shadow play dance group El Gamma Penumbra won the first season of Southeast Asian pan-regional reality show Asia’s Got Talent.

Everyone waited for the final episode of Asia’s Got Talent. The 10th episode was held at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore on May 14, 2015. The opening number from all the finalists was a blast which surprised the viewers. They sang and danced the song “Turn up the Music”.

The nine finalists were:
The Talento- Thailand
Gao Lin and Liu Xin- China
Gwyneth Dorado- Philippines
Triqstar- Japan
Khusugtun- Mongolia
El Gamma Penumbra- Philippines
Junior New System- Philippines
Gerphil Geraldin Flores- Philippines

Charice Pempengco known as Asia’s pride from Manila, Philippines, together with Mr. David Foster, rendered a very emotional song “Lay Me Down” on stage.

Then the top 6 were announced as follows:
1. Gerphil Geraldine Flores
2. The Talento
3. El Gamma Penumbra
4. Triqstar
5. Khusugtun
6. Junior New System

Anggun who is the most popular singer in Indonesia performed a song as well.

Then the top 4 were announced:
1. The Talento
2. Gerphil Geraldin Flores
3. Khusugtun
4. El Gamma Penumbra

All of the four judges performed together for the first time. Mr. David Foster played the piano as Anggun, Van Ness and Melanie C. sang and danced. They dedicated their performance to all the people of Nepal who experienced two devastating earthquakes.

Then the top 3:
1. El Gamma Penumbra
2. Gerphil Geraldine Flores
3. Khusugtun

Before the top two finalists were announced, an entertaining magical tricks by a grand illusionist Consentino was performed on stage. Consentino is a grand finalist in Australia’s Got Talent. He tied his partner and put her inside a wooden box. The box was then lifted up in the air with long silver spikes below it. The moment the box is opened up the lady inside will naturally fall on to the spikes. But no one noticed that the lady moved out of the box before it was lifted up. She was then shown dancing and acting the role of Consentino. Consentino was really the one who was missing. The audience and the judges were surprised when Consentino appeared behind the judges. He also gave a message for the finalists of Asia’s Got Talent.

And then the top 2:
1. El Gamma Penumbra
2. Khusugtun

The top 2 finalists were given again the moment to perform their acts and a chance to say their messages and gratitude to everyone.

The winner of ASIA’S GOT TALENT 2015 is EL GAMMA PENUMBRA of the Philippines! They brought home the 100,000 US$ grand prize, a chance to perform to the world stage at Marina Bay Sands, plus free flights to any of the 64 international destinations by Jet Star. One of the members said that they will use the money to help the elderly through their chosen charity in the Philippines.

“Our inspirations come from our everyday lives and our community. We support a charity. We like the elderly because they inspire us everyday. Our talent is important because we realize we have an impact on people. That’s why we continue to develop it,” they said on the show. “All our hardships have paid off. Until now we can’t believe that we’ve reached this far. We’re on Cloud 9, really happy…it would be an honor to win Asia’s Got Talent.”

Once again, congratulations to EL GAMMA PENUMBRA! You make us all proud! Filipinos in Thailand celebrate with you.

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