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Mother of OFW passes away in Bangkok

The mother of two Filipina teachers died early Tuesday morning at Nooparat Hospital in Minburi District, Bangkok. Mrs. Gaudensia Bulan had been hospitalized since March 31, 2017.

Bulan, 69, was first admitted to Nawamin 9 Hospital in Minburi. She was later transferred to a government hospital to lessen the bill. She was diagnosed with kidney stone infection and enlargement of the heart.

OFW Quickservants United for Duterte President Ms. Nelly Palpallatoc revealed that Bulan’s repatriation request was approved and they were just waiting for the doctor’s clearance so she can fly back to the Philippines. She was also assisted by Pastor Fritz Dionela Yee, another Filipino community leader.

Meanwhile, the Philippine Embassy in Bangkok said in an email that they will coordinate with Bulan’s family in facilitating the transport of her remains.

OWWA Administrator Hans Leo Cacdac also said that his office will help in the immediate repatriation of her remains.

Before being hospitalized, Mrs. Bulan was the one looking after her grandchild. The family also appealed for help on social media in which many responded.

To extend help to the family, you may deposit your monetary donations to her daughter’s account.

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