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“My Perfect You” did not disappoint Filipinos in Thailand

Another successful Filipino movie screening was held over the weekend (March 31-April 1), as movie goers and fans went to see “My Perfect You” at the Century Movie Plaza in Victory Monument. It was also the first screening of a Filipino movie in another branch of Century Movie Plaza along Onnut.

The audience took  a ride on a roller coaster of emotions, from big laughs to large tears. In an interview with a couple of Filipino goers, they were not expecting that kind of twist. “The trailer did not do justice. I will never trust trailers again”, said one fan. “The story did not come up as mushy, or cheesy. It was not a typical Filipino movie”, mentioned by another one.

Some whom we talked to even commended Pia’s acting in the movie. They said that Pia did not disappoint, she was able to deliver her character and give justice to the movie. Gerald fans were also all praises as they described him as “everybody’s leading man”. “Gerald has been partnered to a couple of female leads and he has not failed to communicate ‘kilig’ to fans.”

“My Perfect You” is not the only Filipino movie to be screened in Bangkok, but more are yet to come. Visit and like the official Facebook page of Filipino Films in Thailand (FFT) to be updated of the latest movies coming to Thailand.