My Top Ten Ultimate Turn-offs

Girls have different preferences when it comes to liking a guy. In the same way our heads turn the other way upon seeing some characteristics and ways of guys that we detest. Here are my top ten ultimate turn-offs. Guys, time for you to assess yourselves where you belong.

1. Mr. Show-off

Girls say that guys who are too proud and vain tend to focus more on themselves than others. If he is too busy attending on how he looks then he might not be able to devote reasonable amount of attention to his partner. That would result in a major conflict. So votes are in guys, vanity is one trait that we, girls don’t appreciate in guys.

2. Mr. Chimneysmoking

When it comes to our “Do not Date” list, most of the girls in a survey include guys who smoke. Top reason? it is a cause of bad breath. “ I don’t want to kiss an ashtray; it’s a definite turn-off for me”, one girl commented.  Do I need to mention the harmful effects of smoking? Not a lot of girls want to be voluntary victims of second-hand smoking. Well, drinking might be tolerable for some but smoking is a big “NO!”

3. Every Lady’s Man

Girls don’t want guys who play around. When guys flirt, they are inviting more trouble than they expect. Girls think that this kind of guys are collecting trophies to inflate their ego.  Even in our sex-crazed world, girls still expect guys to be gentlemen and respectful. Girls want their partner to let them feel that they are his one and only.

4. Mr. Choker

I admit, girls like it when guys get jealous from time to time. It shows that they care and love their partner, but when bouts of jealousy get frequent or when they begin to interrogate  about her every move; and when it seems harder to breathe already,  this spells trouble. Girls want guys who trust them.

5. Man of Few Wordsquiet man

While girls are attracted to hunks, they know it’s a temporary asset. That’s why we want a partner who can offer more than just a handsome face or a great body. Girls want guys who can stimulate their mind. Thus, it’s a big “pogi point” when they can carry on a great conversation. Girls  enjoy  company of guys who can talk about different interests, not just being on a date and stare at her blankly throughout the night.

6. The Boy Next Door

Although girls do not want a vain partner, she does care that her guy doesn’t go around looking and smelling like the filthy boy next door. Guys who can’t fix themselves is a big time turn-off. We want someone we could be proud of, a guy who wants to always look  his best and smells clean.

7. Mr. Puppet

Girls want a partner they can count on. We don’t like someone who needs to be pushed to be able to move or decide . Initiative is the key and girls love surprises. So don’t wait for your girl to remind you of her birthday, anniversary, monthsary and even small occasions. Go and just surprise her!

8. Mr. Trigger Happy

Believe it or not, girls are very  sensitive and so we hate insensitive guys. So guys, watch the words you say to her. Don’t just go out blurting comments on how she looks, how she does things, or how awkward or lousy she is with your friends. Girls in our survey think there’s the right venue and manner for bringing up these concerns. So learn how to say it, when to say it and where to say it.

9. Mr. Hot-Tempered

I’m sure you’ve met  guys who just blurt out their comments without even thinking. We, girls hate guys who shout to our faces when making requests or demand.  And I tell you, shouting to our faces never works. If you want a result from your girl, cool down and say it nicely. Girls respond better to a partner that makes a loving request despite his temper instead of having a red-faced bulldog about to attack.

10. Sugar Momsy?

Is chivalry dead?  Some thick-faced guys claim that they’re just so comfortable around some girls that they don’t bother to pay on their dates. It’s one big turn-off for girls when guys don’t assume manhood when out on a date. It is still our custom to treat girls and not the other way around. As much as possible, don’t let the girl spend even if she’s the one who’s offering the treat, I mean, it would be fine when she surprises you with gifts then by any means try to repay her goodness. In a restaurant if she treats you or if she pulls her wallet faster than you do, pay her back or surprise her with desserts.