“New traffic tickets on the way”, says traffic police

An official announcement regarding the new form of road traffic ticketing has been made by the 3rd Special Branch Bureau, Sunday, December 17. This change is part of the Police Ticket Management project (PTM).

Police Major General Ekkarak Limsangkat said that the new ticket will have a barcode and checkboxes for traffic violations both in Thai and English languages. The offences, up until Sunday, were all written on tickets by issuing police.

Motorists are required to pay these fines within 7 days after receiving them. Payments can be done in cash immediately at police stations, or traffic offenders can wait until two days for these tickets to be registered online. Fines can also be paid through ATMs and Krungthai Bank’s KTB NetBank mobile app, or places where the PTM logo is found. 20 baht transaction fee applies.

However, if the driver’s license has been confiscated when the ticket was issued, payments at the state bank is not possible. Traffic police has also been instructed to tell motorists every time they are issued violation tickets that a new form is under way, and how it is to be paid.

This step is part of the vision where the police’s ticket database will be then linked with the Land Transport Department so that it can temporarily suspend the annual vehicle tax payment for those who fail to pay the fines.

Source: Bangkok Post