New Year travelers in Thailand prefer to travel by train

Thailand’s rail services accommodated over 1.3 million passengers from December 29-30, with over 90,000 heading to the upper parts of the Kingdom.

The five lines servicing the highest number of travelers were the Southern line with over 26,800 passengers, the Northeast line with more than 26,400 passengers, the Northern line with about 23,402 passengers, the Eastern line at around 11,000 passengers and the Mahachai-Mae Khlong line with over 6,000 passengers.

In the same two-day period, 1.28 million people used rail services in the Greater Bangkok area, including more than 805,000 passengers riding the BTS Skytrain and 355,000 who rode the MRT Blue Line. The MRT Red and Purple Lines, together with the Airport Rail Link, also saw a combined passenger count of over 123,000.

Source: NNT