Amazing Pinoy

Philippine dragon boat team wins 2 bronze in major events in Thailand

As of day 2, the Philippines has already won two bronze medals in major events at the 14th World Dragon Boat Racing Championships in Chonburi, Thailand.

The team won in 2000 meter senior A open category beating Thailand, Japan, USA and Canada in the grand finals. Singapore and Hong Kong topped the race, respectively. 

The pinoy  team bagged another bronze in 2000 meter senior mixed. The final race was competed by 9 countries such as Canada (1st), United States (2nd), Philippines (3rd), Spain, China, India, Thailand, Japan and United Kingdom.

30 countries are competing at the biggest dragon boat world championships.

The Philippine team under Philippine Dragon Boat Federation has also won first place in some minor final events including 1000 meter race by the Philippine women’s team.

Around 200 pinoy paddlers, the biggest delegation of athletes  the Philippines has sent in Philippine dragon boat history. The delegation is being led by Head Coach Suhod Hakim.

The 14th World Dragon Boat Racing Championships is now on its third day. More winning moments to come Team Philippines!