PHL Embassy in Bangkok releases important reminders

The Philippine Embassy in Bangkok issued a series of advisories on its official Facebook reminding its citizens of 2 important issues on Tuesday night, February 28, 2017.

The first post cites for passport renewal in the country and we quote:

“The Embassy reminds Filipinos in Thailand to check the validity of their passports and to renew them as soon as possible if validity ends in eight (8) months or less.

The Embassy discourages extension of passports with less than six (6) months validity because there may be cases that foreign governments do not recognize the extension stamp, opting to stick to the validity date as stored in the chip of the ePassport.”

The post continues, “Overseas Filipino workers in Thailand returning to the Philippines for a short period of time (such as during annual leaves) are encouraged to renew their passports prior to leaving for the Philippines. They are likewise given the option to renew their passports at the Embassy and have them picked up at DFA”.

Another was posted a few minutes afterwards regarding spurious documents being submitted to the embassy and we quote:

“The public is informed that the Embassy continues to encounter spurious (fake) documents submitted to the Consular Section.

Filipinos in Thailand, their families in the Philippines, and the general public are reminded to refrain from engaging fixers and other unscrupulous individuals when obtaining documents from government agencies and private institutions in the Philippines and abroad.

The Embassy further reminds the public that Philippine law provides for appropriate punishments for fixers and for violations involving counterfeit documents.”

Source/Photo: PHL Embassy Bangkok