Pattaya zombies

Russian nationals stage ‘zombie’ pranks in Pattaya restaurant

Pattaya Thai police apprehended three Russian nationals after making a mess in a popular restaurant in Pattaya on Thursday, February 18, 2016.

According to a report in Asian Correspondent website, the three Russians entered the Surf Kitchen Restaurant in Pattaya and sat at three separate tables, giving impression that they didn’t know each other. After paying the bill, the first Russian fell on the floor and ‘transformed’ into a ‘zombie’. And just like in any zombie films, the next goal is to find non-zombies and infect them. And so the guy started to walk, zigzagged and growled towards the other Russians, who upon being bitten, also transformed into ‘zombies’.

As the three ‘zombies’ were in their best acts, some terrified customers scrambled away with their valuables left on the tables. A brave staff played ‘hero’ and used wooden chairs to fight back and shoo the ‘walking dead’ away to bring normalcy in the restaurant.

Police soon came at the scene which quickly made the ‘zombies’ to transform back to human once again without the help of any potion or magic wand. Fortunately, no one pulled any gun. Perhaps, everyone knows that shooting a zombie is useless as it will regenerate and live again.

After reviewing the CCTV footage, the police concluded that the three guys know each other and that they may have developed a plan to rob customers. However, the alleged plan did not materialize, thanks to the courageous staff who fought back instead of running away.

The three guys were held at the police station for interrogation. The Russians denied any ill intentions. Without any hard evidence to support a robbery case, the police had no choice but to release the three pranksters.