Buhay OFW

Send money to PHL banks via Central Western Union Agent 

You can now send money directly from Thailand to your bank in the Philippines for only one to three (1-3) banking days.

Nine Philippine banks are currently in partnership with Central Western Union Agent. These are the following:

  1. Asia Trust Bank
  2. Banco San Juan
  3. Bank of Commerce
  4. Bank of the Philippine Islands
  5. Centennial Saving bank
  6. CitiBank
  7. Citibank Savings
  8. One Network Bank
  9. Opportunity Microfinance

How to send money direct to a bank?

  1. Fill in the “To Send Money” form with the receiver’s details as follows:
    1. Receiver’s complete name
    2. Receiver’s bank name
    3. Receiver’s bank account number
  2. Make payment at a Central Western Union Agent counter
  3. Deposit fund directly to most bank accounts in the Philippines