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Sipalay City recognizes work, accomplishments of Thailand-based OFW

A Thailand-based OFW educator and entrepreneur was awarded by her home city for her outstanding commitment, values and achievements.

Kathrina Omilig Gamuza received the “Hiyas Sang Sipalay Award 2021”  online on March 23. The City of Sipalay, Negros Occidental has been giving the award to deserving citizens in the last 20 years.

“Hiyas Sang Sipalay Award 2021” was awarded virtually by City Mayor Maria Gina Lizares.

Last year, Gamuza also published her phonics book in Bangkok. She has been working as a primary teacher at Chulalongkorn University Demonstration School, one of Thailand’s top schools. 

Kabayan Kathy is also graduating this year at Ateneo De Manila University’s executive program for overseas Filipino workers (OFW) called Ateneo Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship (ALSE) in Bangkok. 

Aside from teaching abroad, Gamuza and her husband Gerhis who is also a teacher in Bangkok have already put up a number of businesses in Sipalay such as Ofgcatering Services, Omilig’s Fresh lechon, 4k Mushorganic, OmiligHavens Farm and a water refilling station. The couple have been working and living in Thailand for 14 years. They have a daughter, Jekka, who is now studying in Thailand.

While many OFWs struggle to save money for their future, the Omilig-Gamuza family is a proof that hard work and proper budgeting pay off. The couple continue to work as teachers in Thailand while overseeing and growing their businesses in Negros Occidental.

Congratulations kabayan Kathy, and Omilig & Gamuza Family!