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St. Robert’s Int’l Academy 4-fold educational systems towards excellent online education

Saint Robert’s International Academy (SRIA), one of the affiliate schools of St Robert’s Group of Companies, is making a big name among Filipino professionals and students in Thailand by providing them degree and quality education while working and staying overseas.

The only legal and transnational institution in Thailand has produced quality graduates mostly OFWs and are now licensed teachers or either holders of master’s degree in their chosen field.

SRIA is committed to bringing the latest innovation in education thus it is branded as “Robertine Brand of Quality Education”. The “Robertine Brand of Quality Education” embodies four-fold systems that unify to form the essence of excellent online education.

ELearning – SRIA has been utilizing elearning in campus for students to advance and hone their computer skills and equip themselves with various courses at their comfortable pace while being guided by their mentors.

Specialized Curriculum – SRIA follows Philippine DepEd K-12 curriculum. Specialized Curricula are adapted to ensure maximum learning experiences. The Creative Arts Elementary curriculum is applied for primary school program and the Special Business High School Curriculum is utilized for secondary school program.

Qualifications for Promotion (No need to take acceleration or placement tests) – Unlike other operating Filipino schools in Thailand where students are required to take placement or acceleration tests at the Philippine Embassy in order to qualify for the next level or to higher level of education, students enrolled at SRIA are automatically promoted to the next level upon completion of all academics requirements. They don’t need to take those tests to get promoted. Students are also automatically registered as enrollees of the school with Philippine Department of Education Region 6, and will receive their high school certificate from SRIA.

Going Global
Since SRIA is operating under Bellarmine Global Education, a company under St. Roberts’ Group of Companies which offers cross border education in various countries, and continuing to expand worldwide, students under her roof are considered globally competitive in whatever level they are in.

The “Robertine Brand of Quality Education” vows to transcend any barrier such as language, religion, race and geographical location by leaping over those borders to forge globally competitive professionals in different fields.

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