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SWD Kapamilya admin ‘Rhey Keen’ arrested for fraud

Administrator of Facebook group SWD Kapamilya Thailand Ernest Rey Basilio Salarza (aka Rhey Keen Ayala) was arrested yesterday, April 23 in Bangkok after the court had released an arrest warrant.

Salarza is currently detained at Klongthan Police Station. A bail has been set for 100,000 baht.

Basilio more popularly known as Rhey Keen Ayala, another SWD Kapamilya Facebook admin Emily Fontanilla Fabe and Best Care Provider owner Ronygene Esmeralda Atregenio (aka Nokie and Caroline Maxim) have been charged with fraud case. Fabe and Atregenio remain at large.

At least nine Filipino victims have already filed fraud, a criminal offense under Thai law at Klongtan Police Station since last week of March 2019. Many more victims are expected to file additional cases this week.

The case started when Atregenio of Best Care failed to give visas and work permits to the victims. Each of them paid 33,000 to 38,000 THB to Best Care. 16 Filipino victims came out and sought help to get their money back. There were at least 30 victims who paid the same amount but never got what was promised to them.

Atregenio also known as Nokie and Caroline Maxime is the owner and general manager of Best Care. Salarza popularly known in social media as Rhey Keen Ayala is one of the company incorporators. Meanwhile, Emily or Em Fabe is the promoter of the company using her Facebook group SWD Kapamilya Thailand.

Rhey Keen is also the administrator of Pinoy ADOBO Facebook group which is also used in promoting Best Care.

A string of criminal cases under Computer Crime Act is also expected to be filed against Fabe and Salarza for their Facebook posts attacking other Filipinos.