10 Reasons why switching off your mobile phones is beneficial for you

10 Reasons why switching off your smartphone once in a while is good for you and your phone

Yes, turning off your mobile phone completely once in a while can be beneficial for you and your phone. Here are the ten reasons:

1. Clearing out junks

Restarting or shutting down and turning back on your phone will empty out some temporary files, processes, and accumulated junks, especially if you use many different apps or play games frequently. This will improve the memory management, hence, the overall performance as well. Further, using a dedicated app to intentionally delete unwanted apps and files should also be part of your phone tasks.

2. Prolonging Battery Life

Allowing the phone to completely power down can help in preserving battery health. Continuous usage and charging without breaks can degrade the battery over time. Cooling down the battery through a full shutdown once in a while can give it a break, thus prolonging its life.

3. Helps In Troubleshooting

If your phone is experiencing glitches, freezes, or other software-related issues, a full restart can often resolve these issues.

4. Updates Latest Security Patches

Occasionally restarting your phone can help in applying pending software updates and patches, ensuring that your device has the latest security features and fixes.

5. Resolves Network Issues

One quick suggestion from tech agents when Internet is slow or going crazy is to turn off your WIFI router for ten seconds or so and then turn it on again. This works with your phone, too. Shutting down your mobile device daily can help fix connectivity problems between it and your service provider. Prolonged connection of numerous devices can lead to issues like sluggish downloads and inconsistent service. By regularly rebooting your smartphone and/or your router, you can steer clear of such frustrating experiences.

6. Health Benefits For You

Less screen time means less eye strain, less stress, and less exposure to blue light resulting to better sleep. Yes, phone fasting once in a while is a wise healthy habit.

7. Less Chance of Getting Hacked

Switching off your mobile devices, such as tablets and laptops, daily can decrease the risk of them getting compromised. This is crucial for those who often travel and rely on public Wi-Fi in places like hotels.

8. Nurture relationships

Switching off mobile devices encourages genuine human interactions which immensely improve relationships. The eye-to-eye contact when conversing with someone encourages in-person social engagements, attentive communication, and strengthening bonds.

9. Better Productivity

Continuous notifications, alarms, and interruptions can break one’s focus and impede effectiveness. Switching off devices allows individuals to carve out undisturbed time for needed focus and concentration for much more valuable tasks.

10. Enhances Creativity

Fewer distractions such as from phone’s notifications can enhance creativity by prompting you to be more observant and connected to your environment. You will be able to recognize unique patterns, make links to ideas, and uncover new sources of inspiration. Additionally, face-to-face interactions with those nearby can spark different perspectives and ideas that are essential for creative thinking.

While you don’t need to turn off your mobile phone daily, doing it occasionally, such as once a week or every few days, can be beneficial for its performance, battery life, and overall health both for you and your phone.