Thai driver’s license health rules add 5 more medical issues

Getting a Thai driver’s license might be a tad more difficult after the Department of Land Transportation (DLT) is ready to implement a regulation prohibiting applicants with 5 health issues from obtaining the said license next year.

DLT Deputy Director-General Kamol Buranapong declared that this new policy will take effect after the department consulted the Medical Council with its newly drafted criteria for application and renewal.

The 5 medical conditions are:
Epileptic Seizures
High Blood Pressure
Brain Diseases
Myocardial Infarction (Heart Attack)
Severe Diabetes

The said new policy will take 2-3 months before it comes to law; where its effectivity will be observed somewhere in February, continued Kamol.

The new 5 join other 5 diseases that have already prohibited applicants including elephantiasis, tuberculosis, leprosy, alcoholism and drug addiction.

Source: Thaivisa 
Photo: Driving in Thailand