weight loss challenge for PSP5

Thai man loses 10 kg for PlayStation 5 as a reward, promised by his wife

After his wife promised to buy him PlayStation 5 if he loses 10 kilograms, this Thai man took the challenge and did necessary steps to reach the goal: lose weight and get the PS5.

Prab Laoharojanaphan shared his successful weight loss experience on social media with his before-and-after photos with a caption “When your wife said ‘lose 10kg and I will buy you a PS5’.

Khun Prab said that it took him four months long of exercise and diet plan to get the desired weight reduction.

“Intermittent fasting: start from 16-8, then gradually reduce meal timing to 18-6 and 20-4 respectively,” he said.

The “16-8” means that he eats within the 8 hours span on a day and fast the next 16 hours, then made it to “20-4” which consequently means that he only eats within the four-hour time span and rests his tummy the next 20 hours.

For the exercise routine, he suggested to alternate cardio sets with strength training for a more balanced muscle build up and toning. As for the food, being strict to keto diet is not necessary and proposed that giving a space for some treats is welcome since “going out with friends is inescapable”.

Prab also noted that valid information is important and so reading the right books is an advantage.

“We need a certain knowledge to understand complex causes of obesity and use that knowledge to create a strategy that fits our own body and lifestyle,” Prab said.

He received positive comments and praises after posting his experience on social media.

PlayStation 5 is a bit elusive in Thailand due to stock shortages. Its digital edition is 15,690 baht while the standard edition is priced at 18,690 baht.

Khun Prab, however, did not make it clear on his post whether his wife has handed him his PS5 after the successful weight loss journey. But one thing is clear, he reached at least one of his goals: to lose weight.

Ladies, do you want your partner to lose weight? You know what to do. 🙂