Montri Bootnak

Thai National Montri Bootnak Loves To Sing Filipino Songs

Montri Bootnak, a pure Thai-blooded singing artist, fell in love with the Philippines and has the passion of singing OPM (Original Pilipino Music).

Montri is fascinated with how Filipinos and singing are naturally crisscrossed. The old saying ‘by beholding we are changed” proves to be true in his experience. His ‘teachers’ and inspiration are Filipino singing artists that he watched on YouTube.

Here’s a statement quoted from him as posted by Gilia Kyra YouTube user, the one posting his songs on YouTube:

“The more I listen to Filipino singers, the more it makes me get so attached and aspired to be a great singer like them. They in one way or another, have inspired me to dream and to be a Thai-OPM singer. I love to sing and want to become a good singer. Filipino singers became my most interest [of the country]. I started to watch them from YouTube and also downloaded hundreds of their music in my phone. Surprisingly, the songs in my phone are full of Filipino singers. I love the Philippines.”

His rendition of “Kailangan Kita” and “Hanggang” has thousands of views, and comments from the viewers are all positive and encouraging. Listen to his two Tagalog songs below and tell us what you think of his dream of becoming a Thai-OPM singing artist.