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Tiffany Grace Uy Makes History With A 1.004 GWA Grade

Tiffany Grace Uy, a BS Biology graduating student from the University of the Philippines Diliman, has made a history by finishing her studies with a GWA grade of 1.004!

You read it right. It is her general weighted average (GWA) grade, which means that all throughout her stay in the said university, Tiffany received a grade of 1.0 in all her subjects except in Art Studies where she got 1.25. This also means that all her professors (not just one) unanimously agreed that she is indeed an exceptional student.

She even surpassed the record set by John Gabriel Pelias, a BS Mathematics graduate, four years ago with 1.016. However, Exequiel Sevilla still occupies the highest GWA position of 1.0 grade– the highest a student can get– which he received in 1927.

Another related and interesting part of this story is how the netizens reacted to Tiffany’s achievement. Many could not believe how she got that grade and yet with still flawless skin, no pimples nor acne, no eyebag, and with a boyfriend!

Here are some of the tweets:

“1.004 GWA? Goosebumps! Tiffany Grace Uy, are you even for real?’

“How did she manage to get 1.004 gwa in UP without having acne, eyebag and still have a boyfriend and social life? Tips ate, please haha”

“Gained 1.004 GWA with a boyfie, has no pimples and no eyebag. HOW?! PAANO?!”

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